While temperatures are mild, now is the perfect time to spring your business forward. And it all starts with re-evaluating your energy usage. Try these five things and watch your energy usage and bill go down.

  • Use a power strip. Advanced power strips protect against phantom energy.    
  • Install motion detectors. Occupancy sensors are also a great way to save energy, because lights, monitors, printers, etc. will not use energy unless they sense somebody is present.
  • Add greenery. Planting leafy trees on the east, west, and south side of your building can provide shade during the warmer months, lowering cooling costs. And in the cooler months, when the trees lose all their leaves, they allow more sunlight to hit the building and can reduce heating costs.
  • Get some sleep. Apply sleep settings onto computers so that the monitor isn’t always drawing up as much energy.
  • Block the heat. During the warmer months, you can lower your window shades and blinds in order to keep cool, instead of turning up the air conditioning.

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