Summer is the time of year many kids look forward to and love the most. It’s the end of the school year and time to enjoy the vacation they’ve been waiting for. While this is the time to relax, there are benefits of children staying active during break, including:

  • Prevention of “summer slide”, a loss of information with a lack of educational activity
  • Lower risk of weight gain associated with no physical activity
  • Improved emotional wellness

If you’re in need of some ideas for to keep your kids busy during summer break, we’ve got you covered:

  • Shut down and get up. Separating your kids from their smartphone can be a job within itself, but having family join in can make it a little easier (and fun)! Grab your bike or scooter, a helmet and take a ride around the neighborhood. Take a trip to your favorite Michigan state park and go for a hike, or nature walk. Have your teen coordinate a game of basketball or baseball, or even a water balloon fight, with their neighborhood friends.
  • Stimulate the mind. Set a weekly or monthly reading goal with your child at the beginning of summer break and celebrate once they reach their goal by allowing them to plan their perfect day out. Take a quick road trip or train ride, and make it even more fun with math or memory challenges. Visit the Michigan Science Center and take part in one of their live shows at the DTE Energy Sparks Theater or participate in one of the family group tours at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Check out the Diagnosis: FUN! Exhibit at the Grand Rapids Children Museum or get hands-on at the Curious Kids’ Museum in St. Joe’s. Spend a rainy Saturday afternoon at the Great Lakes Children’s Museum, or tap into their creative side at the Pleasant Discovery Museum.
  • Get crafty. If your child is artistically inclined, summer is a great time to flex their muscle. Get your little Picasso to paint or draw a picture of the world around them. Go “old school” and grab some chalk and create a sidewalk masterpiece. Have your child make cards for holidays like Independence Day and Labor Day. Design a DIY journal and jot down their thoughts during the summer.