Updated 10/9/20

Colder weather is coming, but one thing that could leave you feeling hot under the collar, however, is finding out you’ve been switched to an alternative gas supplier without your knowledge.

As a DTE Gas customer, natural gas is conveniently there at your command, and our rates are regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). DTE customers are billed at cost for natural gas; we do not make a profit on top of this cost. Alternative Gas Supplier (AGS) customers pay for gas at a price agreed upon by the customer and the AGS per their contract. For a cost comparison, you can compare third party gas rates to the DTE Gas Cost Recovery (GCR) rate on your DTE bill. You can visit the MPSC gas comparison website by click here. From there, you can get additional information and a comparison of gas rates.

To ensure that gas is affordable for Michigan families, DTE plans ahead and buys gas in volume when the price is typically lower in the summer and then stores it in vast underground storage wells, ensuring natural gas will be available whenever it’s needed.

If you have been contacted by an AGS or are currently considering switching suppliers, be sure to ask the AGS how much it charges for natural gas and the terms and length of the contract. You’ll also want to know if the price can change during the contract’s length and whether there is a cancellation penalty or fee if you decide to switch back to your previous supplier. Be sure to visit the MPSC gas comparison website for information on your cancellation rights with an AGS.

Free protection against unwanted switching

Sometimes, however, customers can get switched without their knowledge. “Slamming,” or changing suppliers without permission, can and does happen. Review your monthly bill carefully and see if your provider is DTE Energy or an alternative company. If you were switched to an AGS without your permission, contact the AGS at the phone number on your bill or call the MPSC at 800.292.9555.

DTE customers who want to protect their account against “slamming” can use the free Gas Lock-In feature, which prevents any changes to your gas supplier without your permission. Once your account is locked, it cannot be switched to another supplier until you contact DTE to unlock your account. There is no cost to activate or deactivate the Lock-In feature. To take advantage of this, contact DTE Energy at 800.477.4747 or visit dteenergy.com/gaslockin for more information.