It’s officially football season and we could not be more excited to watch our Detroit Lions tackle a new season. While we can’t do much on the field, we definitely can get things going outside of it. You know what we mean…tailgating! The origin of the first tailgate is up for debate, but some say it stemmed from American farmers and a celebration at the end of the summer before the harsh winter kicked in. Others peg it to the First Battle of Bull Run where civilians would travel down with picnic baskets and cheer on their “teams” during the war. (Though that doesn’t seem like the safest, most practical thing to do.)

Regardless of how it got its start, hosting an efficient tailgate is a difficult skillset to harness and overtime tailgate hosts have stepped up their culinary game. Therefore, we want to ensure you’ll have the baddest bash around and keep the neighbors talking about it for seasons to come. Below are a few tricks to keep up your sleeve to have the most efficient and tasty tailgate at the pregame.

  1. Packing the cooler: There’s only one way to pack a cooler, get it wrong and you’re in for a rude awakening. If packed improperly you can lead your guests to hand hypothermia when reaching for a beverage at the bottom of the cooler or luke-warm meat that might not be safe to consume. Do yourself a favor and follow this cooler packing guide for guaranteed results.
  2. Grill choice: If you’re looking to be the game day grill-master, you’ll need the proper tools to do so, a.k.a. a grill. Choosing a tailgate grill is an important and personal choice, but might we recommend a natural gas grill to give your tailgate a ‘green’ stamp of approval and avoid polluting the air with dirt, soot, and carbon.
  3. ‘Green’ paper products: The aftermath of a tailgate is not a pretty site, but you can take a step toward a cleaner crowd by using disposable paper products made of ‘green’ materials like the ones available here.
  4. Tailgate toolbox: ABC’s The Chew host came up with a great way to keep all your tailgate tools together, including your spatulas, bottle openers, tongs, wet wipes, and condiments.
  5. Culinary creativity: As you may have noticed, the food people bring to tailgates has drastically changed over the years. Don’t get stuck in the past with chips and salsa. Step up your culinary craftsmanship and check out these foodie favorites.

Finally, a tailgate isn’t complete unless you’re decked out in your favorite team’s gear, so slap on that face paint, pull on that custom jersey, and get yourself ready for a killer tailgate because that is the one outcome you can control at a sporting event. Happy tailgating!

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