It’s been 23 days since DTE Energy crews landed in Puerto Rico to help restore power to the island. The team has made significant progress in the rural parts of Fajardo, Puerto Rico, restoring close to 2,000 customers spread out across mountains, farmland and El Yunque National Rainforest.

Despite the narrow roads, tough terrain and tropical heat, crews have set more than 50 utility poles –  some of which are 7,200-pounds of solid concrete – replaced 40 transformers, restrung dozens of miles of power lines and reenergized two cellular towers.

With nearly a month of 16-hour days wearing on them, the linemen are still excited to get out there each day and turn the lights back on for more customers. The first wave of DTE employees is scheduled to head home on Friday, Feb. 23, at which time another set of linemen, mechanics, logistics and additional support staff will start their 30-day rotation on the island.

You can send your own message of support to our crews using this digital thank you wall.


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