Making the right choices for your household is always one of your top priorities. You carefully research tools, supplies and furniture for your home, and keep an eye on your wallet. That same focus could be applied to who is supplying your natural gas service – it’s important to review your bills and make sure you are paying for natural gas service that fits your lifestyle needs and budget.

Did you know Michigan allows you to choose who provides your natural gas, through the Gas Customer Choice program? While you have the right to choose your natural gas provider, there are some things you should consider before deciding which supplier to use.

Review your bill.

Your natural gas bill will show the Gas Cost Recovery charge, which is DTE’s cost for the natural gas you use. Note that we do not mark up this cost – we simply charge what we ourselves paid for the gas. If you are served by an alternative gas supplier (AGS), your bill will show the name of the company providing your natural gas service and the price they are charging you for their gas.

Compare prices.

Visit the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC)’s comparison website to see how DTE’s price compares to alternative suppliers. Some providers may offer variable rates, which can change month-to-month, and providers may also offer lower introductory rates that can increase after a specific period. DTE’s rates are regulated by the MPSC and cannot increase without its approval.

Lock in your supplier.

Some alternative gas suppliers go door-to-door asking if you would like to switch suppliers. This practice is permissible by the Gas Choice program but be on guard for “slamming” – when your natural gas supplier is changed without your permission. You can protect your account and “lock in” your supplier, whether it’s DTE or an alternative supplier, by calling 800.477.4747 and asking to “lock in” your choice to prevent “slamming.”

Know that DTE does not go door to door offering discounts or asking to review your bill. If you are unsure if the person at your door is a legitimate DTE employee, ask for identification. You can protect your personal information by not showing any of your previous bills or providing your account number. Providing your account number to an alternative gas supplier at your door serves as consenting to switch natural gas supply, leaving you vulnerable to “slamming”.

Have questions? Go to dteenergy.com/gaschoice to learn more or call us at 1.800.477.4747 to “lock in” your supplier.