Home builders and homeowners have long turned to geothermal heat pumps when on the hunt for the best way to heat and cool an entire Michigan home. But what about air source heat pumps? Today’s cold climate air source heat pumps are radically different from previous generations and are a great option for a variety of applications. With their energy efficiency, homebuyers love them too. So, why should you install a cold climate heat pump?

Sell homes for a premium and differentiate yourself from other homebuilders

Low operating costs. The average customer will save up to 30% on their annual energy expenditure compared to propane and fuel oil, and up to 65% on electric resistance heating. And, with DTE’s special, discounted rate options, they can save even more.

Cool rates keep your wallet comfortable.  DTE’s CoolCurrents rate provides an approximate 10% discount on electricity used by the heat pump in the summer and 30% on electricity used during the winter, right when the heat pump will be consuming most of its electricity. Install an additional meter enclosure during construction, pair it with a heat pump and the CoolCurrents rate and you’re ready to market your home as turn-key ready for discounted energy.

It pays for itself. While a cold climate heat pump unit will cost more initially than a traditional propane and AC system, payback periods are typically less than 5 years. Home buyers are smart – if there are two identical homes, but one of them has $1,000 per year lower energy costs, buyers can easily understand payback math and will pay a premium for the more efficient home.

Technology that works for you. Centrally ducted and ductless mini-split cold climate air source heat pumps can be the sole heating and cooling source for a home. The ductless systems are ideal for bonus rooms, garages or any other areas that could use supplemental heating and cooling to maintain comfort. Modern cold climate heat pumps are nothing like units of the past. Current heat pumps are even 2-4x more efficient than today’s traditional HVAC systems, so they’re sure to keep home buyers comfortable all winter long.

 Brands built to last. Time tested and popular brands such as Bryant, Carrier, Lennox, LG, Mitsubishi, and others have invested heavily in their heat pump lineup. Warranties for some of these units can be as high as 12 years and have an expected lifespan of 15+ years.

Appeal to new groups of buyers. Building homes can be cutthroat. Stand out from the competition and increase buyer demand by appealing to other niches of home buyers who value energy efficiency, lower annual energy expenditures and new technology.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Heat pumps move heat rather than create it, so it takes less energy to keep your home comfortable. This can reduce carbon emissions by 50 to 80%.

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