As the temperatures drop and the sun is harder to find, it’s important to keep your family active and engaged to avoid hibernation during these cooler months ahead. There are many ways to energize your family, below are just a few ideas.

  • Start a book club: For families with older children, starting a book club with classic novels is a great way to strike conversation and enjoy something together. Rotate a new book each month or so, allowing each family member to pick one and hold book club meetings after dinner to talk about the book and make connections to real life.
  • Enjoy outdoor sports: Even though the weather is cooling down, that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside all fall and winter. Try one of the many outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, or sledding with your family. Not that athletic? Try a family walk in the evening, just remember to wear lighter colors or reflective clothing after dusk.
  • Or indoor sports: If fall/winter sports aren’t a fan favorite in your family, try something indoors instead that still keeps everyone active and engaged. Choose a night of the week to go bowling, try out fowling, or simply sign-up the family for a group exercise class at your local gym or YMCA. You can even learn yoga at home online or exercise your mind with a family trivia night!
  • Bake cookies: Or cook anything you’d like for that matter! You can package them up and share with neighbors or those in need. Nothing like spreading a little happiness through food.
  • Visit local attractions: Activities at libraries, museums, and zoos continue year-round. Check out the calendar of events to find out what exhibits or other happenings are scheduled and plan a trip with the family. Luckily, there’s plenty to do and see in Michigan all year round!
  • Volunteer: As the holidays draw closer and we gear up to visit family & attend parties, it’s important to keep those in mind who may not be able to be with family during these times by spending a day volunteering at a soup kitchen or pantry.

Maintaining a healthy, energized attitude during the colder months is crucial to keep your family engaged, both mentally and physically. Don’t forget to stay hydrated as well! As the heat turns on at home, school and the office, remember to drink plenty of water to keep those energy levels up and avoid dehydration. Keep in mind that embarking on a new adventure with your loved ones creates great memories and builds stronger bonds for a lifetime.

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