Did you know Americans flush $130 billion down the drain on wasted energy each year? And while the thought of energy efficiency is often focused on the home, there are many easy ways to reduce your energy use while in the office, too. We often think of large actions to improve a building’s energy efficiency, there are several ways your team can help drive down energy use. Read on for three habits to get into this week and beyond.

  1. Adjust the thermostat: How often does the blasting of A.C. or heat become forgotten white noise throughout the day? And while everyone enjoys comfortable temps, keeping the thermostat at a consistent temperature (not too high or too low) is a great way to keep it from constantly running. Adjust your business’s thermostat during unoccupied periods, or even better, consider installing a programmable thermostat that is set for business hours to reduce energy use throughout the seasons.
  2. Cut equipment idle time: Implementing an equipment startup/shutdown plan to ensure your equipment is only turned on when you need it will result in lower operating costs. Power down at the end of the work day as often as you can. In case you forget, desktops and laptops both have automatic sleep mode. Use power strips to prevent electronics from drawing power when you’re away from your desk.
  3. Use Occupancy Sensors: Installing automatic occupancy sensor room-lighting controls in frequently unoccupied rooms – like restrooms or supply rooms – can be a big energy-saver. These sensors also help reduce maintenance costs by avoiding frequent replacements due to reduction in usage. For example, turning fluorescent lights off for 12 hours each day can extend their expected calendar life by 75 percent, or nearly seven years.

When looking for ways to be more energy efficient, it’s worth addressing your electronics, office setup (like when to open and shut your shades), and lighting options. These are just a few easy ways to reduce your energy footprint in the office each day.

For more information, tips and tools to help your business use less energy and save money go to dteenergy.com/savenow   

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