Energy efficient appliances have long been touted for their savings in energy and cost to you, but they deliver much more: their designs require less time and effort on your part to get your dishes and clothes clean. With less wear and tear on your favorite items, fabrics stay intact longer. Meaning, your shirt from college has plenty of wears left.

Here are three reasons to check out energy efficient appliances:

Saves you time

Reduce laundry time with ENERGY STAR®. Energy efficient washers have better spin cycles to remove more water and reduce drying time, and can save you $50 per year in energy costs.

Dishwashers have “light wash” or “energy savings” cycles when dishes are only slightly dirty, which reduces operating time, and advanced sprayer capacities can also reduce the need to pre-rinse. Today’s dishwashers also offer 10% energy savings.

Delivers performance and savings

New washing machines are gentler on clothes and protect fabrics from fraying and fading; improved moisture sensors on dryers also prevent over-drying and shrinkage of clothes. ENERGY STAR® dryers use 20% less energy.

Gives you more peace and quiet

More efficient compressors and better insulation improve the energy performance of new fridges by 20% and make them quieter. Add a dishwasher with an energy efficient motor that also operates more quietly, and you and your guests will be able to enjoy your kitchen without the noisy distraction.

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