Teaching kids to love themselves boosts self-confidence and helps them to grow into confident adults. Building a child’s self-esteem and helping them find their true self increases resiliency, encourages independence, and helps to foster strong relationship-building in their future among other things. In fact, research shows there is positive correlation between higher self-esteem and academic success in boys and girls. Here are ways parents can teach their kids to be more self-confident and support them in their journey to becoming a confident adult.

  • Embrace their individuality: Children come up with their own ways of doing things. Embracing these intricacies and unique characteristics will only encourage them to remain true to themselves as they grow older. Letting them make their own decisions and avoiding judgement will provide them with the creative freedom they need to explore what interests them.
  • Expose them to variety of activities and experiences: As you introduce your child to different aspects of the world around them, they can begin to appreciate things outside of what they do on a normal basis. Something as simple as taking them to the grocery store or farmer’s market can be educational to them and show them how the world works at a young age.
  • Let them make mistakes: It is natural to want to keep your child from harm as best you can, but teaching them to get back up when they fall down is a crucial lesson to learn while growing up. As they learn to overcome obstacles, their self-confidence blossoms.
  • Provide appropriate praise: Kids are actually very intuitive when it comes to picking up on things you say and the way you say them. Providing them with sincere praise when they deserve it goes a lot farther then just saying “Good job!” every time they complete something. Give specifics as to why they did a good job to show that you care about the hard work they put in.
  • Teach them to set and accomplish goals: As a child starts to hone in on things that interest them, you should encourage them to pursue it fully. No matter what it is, maybe dribbling a basketball for 3 minutes straight or reading a chapter book start to finish in a day, placing your faith behind them will only boost their confidence in being able to accomplish it.

Kids now grow up in a world that emphasizes sharing their lives on social media for all to see. This transparency can sometimes come with criticism that tears down a child’s individuality and self-expression. Teaching kids to remain confident in who they are lends itself to a brighter future full of opportunity and experiences.

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