When small businesses thrive, so do our communities. That’s why part of our mission includes empowering these businesses with the knowledge and programs they need to thrive.  

Recently, our small business webinar series featured Small Business Association of Michigan President Brian Calley, who shared helpful tips to help businesses survive and thrive in turbulent economic times. During his hour-long talk, Calley spoke to some of the challenges facing Michigan’s small businesses today. 

“It’s something new all the time,” Calley said. “As soon as [small business owners] have solved one supply chain issue, a different one pops up.” 


Rising costs, workforce shortages and supply chain disruptions are causing problems for businesses at all levels – from production to transportation to packaging. Adjusting to these new conditions both at home and abroad can be vital for success. 

“Just take charge as much as you can,” Calley said. “Rather than trying to stick it out and see if you can survive given how the world has impacted your business, there’s more success in looking at the world as it is and exploring to find how [you] best fit into this new world.”

Getting started

With businesses facing these challenges and many others, it’s all the more important that owners are making the most of their resources, energy included. There are some steps business owners can take when looking to make some changes. 

Being informed on how your business uses energy is the first step to managing it. Schedule a business energy consultation and learn what’s using energy and how to save while getting free energy saving products. 

If you’ve made recent investments in your business with things like added insulation, LED lighting, new windows or new HVAC, make sure you’ve taken advantage of all the rebates that we offer. Increase the energy savings from your investments with these tips

For even more information on saving on your energy use, be sure to subscribe to our EnergySmarts magazine – a free publication geared toward helping your enterprise thrive.

Small businesses help make Michigan a vibrant place to work and live. While the businesses are small, the role they play is not and smart energy choices can help make the most of their operation. 

“I come across people every day that have made their whole life one piece of a big process,” Calley said of his work with small businesses. “They’re the best at that piece, they’ve changed everything about how that piece works and they’re so passionate about it. I love learning more about the intricacies of what it takes to make this all happen.”