Mobility is an essential part of life. In an Edison Electric Institute (EEI) study, a group representing all U.S. investor-owned electric companies, the organization found that three out of four adults use a vehicle to get to work each day. Because of this dependency, it’s no wonder that over the last two years transportation has accounted for the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the US. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, vehicles made up 28 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions in 2016 alone.

DTE Energy has set course to reduce carbon emissions from energy generation sources by 80 percent. This reduction, combined with electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid vehicle technologies, can reduce the level of environmental impact of this greenhouse gas even more significantly. It only seems fitting that Michigan, home of the Motor City, be a leader in this environmental effort.  

Many Michiganders feel the same way. EEI found in their survey that nearly two-thirds of adults living in Michigan support the increased use of EVs if charging stations were more accessible.

That’s where DTE steps in. In addition to working on EV infrastructure programs with area automakers, we’ve proposed to invest nearly $13 million over the next three years into a program we call Charging Forward.

Through this initiative we’ll be able to:  

  • Develop charging stations in both residential and commercial areas.
  • Give rebates to businesses providing fast-chargers, level 2 charges and to homeowners using home-start chargers.
  • Educate customers about the technology, its impact and how to use it.

DTE is hard at work making the switch to EV a possibility. Through working to establish engineering standards for charging station installation, increasing awareness through our website and by launching charging station pilot programs in Detroit and Ann Arbor this year, more convenient and accessible EV technology is on its way of becoming the mainstream means of transportation in Michigan.

Learn more about our EV initiatives by checking out our website.