It has been a busy year for DTE Biomass Energy. This spring, they opened the first dairy renewable natural gas (RNG) facility in the state of Wisconsin, and earlier this month they dedicated Wisconsin’s only dairy RNG processing and injection facility. This new resource will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from DTE’s partners’ farms.

Converting waste to RNG is a win-win, both for dairy farms and the local environment. Leaving manure to decompose naturally on farmland releases methane directly into the atmosphere. Capturing this gas instead reduces the farms’ overall greenhouse gas footprint, provides the farms with another revenue stream and helps create a clean, sustainable vehicle fuel that displaces fossil-based gasoline or diesel fuel.

“Nearly 20,000 cows throughout Wisconsin are contributing to these projects,” said Kevin Dobson, vice president of business development, DTE Biomass Energy. “Their waste was once a farmer’s burden, but now it’s a sustainable source of clean energy.”

The RNG dairy processing and injection site, located in Newton, Wisconsin, receives RNG trucked in from dairy farm-based DTE facilities, and also processes raw biogas piped from nearby partner farms into RNG. From here, pipeline-quality RNG is injected directly into the interstate pipeline.

Learn more about DTE’s RNG programs at https://dtepowerandindustrial.com/.