DTE aspires not only to be the best in the world, but the best for the world. We strive to be more than an energy provider by improving lives with our energy. One way we do this is by supporting business growth in Michigan through our Economic Development (ED) team.

The mission of DTE’s ED team is to help communities flourish and succeed. The team’s expertise and connections give an edge when selecting the best location for growing businesses, while connecting enterprises with regional economic development partners to support further growth.

We understand how important site selection is. Among the essential services we offer in this area include electric and gas infrastructure mapping, energy efficiency programs and construction incentives.

In December 2021, we introduced our new XL High Load Factor rate, providing companies with an opportunity to grow their business while managing their energy costs. This competitive rate, along with other new incentives, proved productive when General Motors (GM) chose to invest $4 billion at its assembly plant in Lake Orion to build electric trucks. The GM expansion at the Orion site qualifies for this new rate, along with their Factory Zero Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center and Global Technical Center in Warren. GM made significant investments at their sites, boosting our regional economy.

This low, new rate played an important role in locating Our Next Energy’s (ONE) battery plant to Van Buren Township, bringing 2,100 high tech jobs to Southeast Michigan. The XL High Factor rate was also designed for industries like advanced battery production, data centers, major manufacturing and crypto mining to make the most of their business in Michigan.

Another area of growth in the state is indoor agriculture, which expands opportunities for growing quality, sustainable plants year-round – but it can also increase energy use. Our Low Peak Demand Supply Rate is designed specifically for commercial greenhouse operators with high demands in the winter and low peak demand in the summer months. We also developed the DTE Grow Energy Efficiently Program, which offers incentives that make energy efficiency a smart investment.

We are also working to build a clean energy future for Michigan and help some of the largest industrial enterprises achieve their sustainability goals.

With MIGreenPower, you can make up to 100% of your electric use powered with renewables – without having to install any additional infrastructure. Additionally, DTE is working to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, making powering your business even better going forward. If your business wants to be more involved in the renewable energy space, DTE Energy can also help you navigate the process of going solar with infrastructure on site.

For natural gas customers looking to make a greater environmental impact, we offer the Natural Gas Balance program. With Natural Gas Balance, gas customers have an easy, affordable way to reduce their environmental impact starting at just $4.00 a month.

DTE’s eFleets program can provide your business with a roadmap to electrification. With our advisory services, we can find the best plan for you to take advantage of vehicles that are more efficient and easier to maintain. Bringing your business into the future never looked so good.

To help build up economic growth, DTE hired Khalil Rahal as director of Economic Development in September to drive economic development in communities across Michigan. Rahal joins the team with tremendous experience. He has managed multiple divisions of county government, including Economic Development, Department of Public Services, Facilities Buildings and Real Estate, Land Bank, Community Development and Management and Budget. 

DTE’s entire Economic Development team has the knowledge and skills to power your growing business. For more information and to get started, contact us today.