Just as citizens often organize to support politicians and policies that matter to them, DTE Energy’s Political Action Committee (PAC) allows employees to pool personal contributions to support candidates for elective office who will champion and protect the interests of the company, its employees, and most importantly, the customers they serve.

The DTE PAC is voluntary and non-partisan. It is optional to join and employees choose how much money they want to contribute each year.

When an employee signs up to be a member of the PAC, they can also choose which party they want to support. The DTE PAC does not choose candidates based on partisan ideology but rather candidates that align with the goals of company and have a voting record consistent with their values and priorities. This includes candidates who support energy policies that focus on a reliable, affordable and clean energy future.

A strong political and regulatory construct enables DTE to make capital investments to customers to help improve reliability, affordability, and satisfaction here in Michigan and make investments and grow businesses outside of Michigan.

As shareholders, this strong political and regulatory construct has underpinned DTE’s financial health, driving value for employees and retirees

The 2018 elections brought a significant change to both Congress and Michigan’s elected leaders. Without the adequate resources and strategic investments in this election, the strong regulatory construct we fought to achieve in 2016 would have been at risk.

Without a strong regulatory construct, DTE would not be able to support economic development in their communities and be a force for growth and prosperity in Michigan.

For more information about DTE Energy’s Political Action Committee, visit dteenergypac.com.