DTE Energy has launched “Charging Forward” – a new program that will raise awareness of electric vehicle benefits while offering rebates to customers who install chargers.  The program kicked off with a June 4 launch event in Detroit that drew automakers, charging system companies, state officials and the media.

DTE will provide a rebate of up to $500 to a residential customer who purchases or leases a new or used EV, installs a qualified Level 2 charger and enrolls in a special rate beneficial for EV charging. DTE’s business customers can also receive incentives of $2,500 per port and $20,000 per charger when they install Level 2 or DC Fast Chargers.

The new Charging Forward website not only gives customers a path to obtaining the rebate, but also lays out the reasons why an EV is an environmental as well as financial win:

Cheaper to Drive
The average annual cost to power an electric vehicle is significantly less than the cost to fuel a typical gasoline-powered vehicle.  Plus, all Battery EVs (BEVs) cost less to maintain, saving you even more money.

Cleaner Air
Driving an EV results in a drastic cut in emissions compared to driving a gas-powered vehicle. And the reduction will be compounded as DTE continues to phase out coal-fired power plants and transitions to natural gas and renewables.

Benefitting Michigan and the Nation
The energy your EV uses is produced right here in Michigan and helps lower our nation’s dependence on foreign fuel. That means more money and jobs pumped into our local economy.

Vehicle Performance
Driving an EV is exciting – offering instantaneous power with nearly silent acceleration. EVs are highly efficient with benefits like regenerative braking, and many have smart features, such as connectivity.

Quieter Inside and Out
Because electric motors are much quieter than gas-powered motors, EVs contribute to a significant reduction in traffic noise on urban roads and in neighborhoods.

While some have asked how DTE would cope with the spike in demand that a boost in EVs would drive, Charging Forward program leaders point out that DTE is not only ready for such an increase, but that the demand would bring system efficiencies that will benefit all customers.

“Charging Forward will encourage customers to charge their EVs during off-peak hours, which helps spread the demand on our electric grid,” said Camilo Serna, DTE’s vice president of Corporate Strategy.  “This adds efficiencies to our electric distribution and puts downward pressure on prices.  It’s a win-win-win opportunity for our customers, DTE, and the environment.”

Increasing the number of EVs on the road – including in DTE’s own fleet – is part of the company’s comprehensive vision for clean energy in Michigan. DTE has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by at least 80% by 2040, and these environmental gains will be further advanced with increased EV adoption.

Additionally, DTE has formed partnerships in the public and private sectors to extend charging stations to public areas. As part of the Detroit Mobility Innovation Initiative, DTE will install chargers in public areas such as Detroit’s Beacon Park, with future sites under consideration. In addition, DTE has partnered with both GM and Ford in testing tools to enable EV charging features that are grid-friendly.

DTE customers are encouraged to learn more and sign up for the program at the Charging Forward website.