2018 was a year of breaking DTE company volunteering records. 5,110 DTE employees volunteered last year, making the company “best-in-class” with more than half of its workforce spending time bettering their communities.

Creating a culture of volunteering has always been a priority for the company. Beginning with the onboarding process and built in volunteering events like FUEL, volunteerism is a focal point right from the start. The consistent company-wide support empowers employees to volunteer for events and causes that they’re passionate about.

“Volunteering and being a positive force in our communities has always been a priority at DTE,” said Mark Stiers, president and chief operating officer, DTE Gas. “In 2018, we brought that commitment to a whole new level. Behind the work of our Care Force team and the eagerness of our employees to make a difference, we’re truly a force for good in our communities.”

In total, DTE employees volunteered more than 89,000 hours, helped 828 nonprofits and reached an estimated value of $6 million in in-kind services in 2018.

Many of these volunteer opportunities are skills-based, where employees get to use their unique professional skillset to make a difference. With thousands of employees spread throughout the state and beyond, combined with the continued empowerment from leadership, DTE’s volunteerism has a substantial impact.

“Year-after-year, the level of volunteer participation from our employees continues to amaze me,” said Tomara Nolen, manager, corporate volunteerism. “The work of our Care Force team, the support from our leadership and the passion from our employees make this possible and we’re excited to do even better in 2019.”