This summer we partnered with Hertz, a worldwide rental car company, to add over 175 electric vehicles (EVs) to their fleet in DTE’s electric service territory. The funding for this partnership is through DTE’s Charging Forward program which is designed to reduce EV adoption barriers and enable equitable access to EVs. This addition of EVs brings cleaner transportation options to our community and increases the EV experiences for drivers and riders.

The partnership with Hertz aims to close the gap of equitable access to EVs in our community. A 2022 Economic Impact Report for Detroit shows about 60% of rides start or end in low-income areas. DTE’s collaboration with ride hailing companies provide drivers an added incentive to drive an EV and offer ride-hailing customers, especially those in low-income areas, an opportunity to experience the benefits of riding in an EV.

Drivers on the Uber platform who rent the available EVs through Hertz locations will pay an average of $3.65 per eGallon when using a public DC fast charger. If drivers can plug-in at home and enroll in a DTE time-of-use rate, they’ll save even more and pay as little as about $1 per eGallon if they charge during off-peak hours.

“We are excited to support the national partnership between Uber and Hertz as it aligns with our journey to transportation electrification,” said Tony Tomczak, vice president of Electric Marketing, DTE Energy. “Adding these EVs to Hertz’s existing fleet will benefit our communities through reduced emissions and increased earnings for ride-hailing drivers.”

“Hertz is committed to transforming the future of mobility and consumer EV adoption through partnerships with utilities like DTE to advance the rollout of the EV charging infrastructure,” said Jeff Nieman, senior vice president operations initiatives, Hertz. “We are pleased to partner with DTE in offering Uber drivers and their customers a premium EV product, exceptional experience, and lower carbon footprint as Hertz moves towards having one quarter of its global fleet be electric by the end of 2024.”

Interested drivers on Uber can visit their website for more details.

You can find more about DTE’s Charging Forward EV programming, including how you can qualify for a $500 residential rebate, at dteenergy.com/ev.