Since 1987, DTE Energy has been partnering with the Parade Company to help sustain one of Michigan’s most beloved traditions, America’s Thanksgiving Parade. After three years, the company’s beloved “Know Your Own Power” float will be retired.

The float, titled “Caring for our environment,” pays homage to our company’s and foundation’s commitment to sustaining and enhancing Michigan’s natural resources and unique wildlife. As one of the largest landowners in Michigan, our company maintains thousands of acres of land as living space for hundreds of species of birds, mammals, fish and insects – all reflected in the wildlife featured on the float.

“We are so pleased to unveil our new float this year, which celebrates our longstanding commitment to taking care of the environment and represents the many ways that we help to grow, protect and restore Michigan and its natural beauty,” said Faye Nelson, vice president DTE Energy and board chair and president of DTE Energy Foundation. “For nearly 30 years, the DTE Energy Foundation has been an avid supporter and community partner of The Parade Company, and is proud to be part of this milestone anniversary for one of the nation’s most beloved pastimes – America’s Thanksgiving Parade.”

Designed in partnership with and built by The Parade Company, the float is comprised of many elements that resonate with the work we do to be a force for growth and prosperity in the communities where we live and serve. This includes:

  • An 18-foot canoe, to showcase our commitment to the Great Lakes and waterways that we help to protect and preserve in areas such as Traverse City, and throughout Michigan
  • A wind turbine that elevates to a height of 22-feet, which symbolizes our company’s pride as Michigan’s largest investor and producer of renewable energy, with enough generation to power 400,000 homes with clean, zero emission power
  • A bald eagle with a 12-foot wingspan, which represents the more than 100 bald eagles that spend the winter along the shoreline of our Monroe Power Plant .
  • One of our Care Force volunteers planting a tree, through our partnership with the Department of Natural Resources, we have helped to plant more than 40,000 trees on state-managed land and in communities throughout Michigan, and representing our company’s tree planting guidelines in order to keep the environment safe and reduce the chance for power outages
  • More than 1,000 hand-sculpted and painted flowers, which show the care, treatment and commitment that many of our facilities have to help nurture wild habitat on their grounds

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