DTE Energy and Global Detroit kicked off an energy waste reduction partnership with an annual gala. The event recognized regional leaders for their success in fostering more inclusive regional community building and entrepreneurship efforts. Global Detroit is a nonprofit that catalyzes city and regional progress by building a more inclusive economy for immigrants. The organization helps revitalize neighborhoods, create jobs, and expand regional growth and prosperity.

“Having Global Detroit as a partner allows our programs to reach a more diverse and inclusive customer base. Their drive for placemaking and community development fits perfectly with DTE Energy’s force for growth initiatives,” said David Delind, principal marketing specialist, DTE Energy. 

The partnership focuses on the delivery of DTE Energy’s energy efficiency programs.  Introduced earlier this year, the program has provided more than a dozen first-generation immigrant families and their neighbors with extensive energy efficiency installations. Some customers identified for participation in the pilot program qualified for complete home weatherization services, as well as furnace and refrigerator replacement.

Sloan Herrick, Deputy Director of Global Detroit explained, “Working with DTE is vital to the families in our communities. Our partnership means that we are part of educating families about energy usage, while also reducing the pressure valve on family budgets, making life easier in some of Detroit’s hardest-hit neighborhoods.”

Global Detroit is involved with every part of the process including helping identify, coordinate, and build new connections to customers. During the installation process, DTE’s contractors are accompanied by Global Detroit representatives to translate when needed, explain the work being done in the home, and point out changes a customer can make to reduce their energy usage.

“The pilot has been a great success so far this year and I am looking forward to seeing what opportunities and community revitalization will come from our partnering in the future,” said Jason Kupser, Manager of residential programs DTE Energy. 

For more information on the Energy Waste Reduction Collaboration with Global Detroit contact david.delind@dteenergy.com.