The City of Detroit’s electric infrastructure was designed decades ago to support its growing population and bustling neighborhoods. Yet as the city’s population shifted, old electric infrastructure remained. Now, DTE is teaming up with the Detroit Public Lighting Department to improve the safety, reliability and resiliency of the electric grid.

We are working with Detroit to remove Public Lighting Department arc and primary wire that shares space on utility poles with DTE lines to ensure that de-energized Public Lighting arc-wire is not energized if it accidentally touches an energized DTE wire, such as during a storm, or if a tree branch falls onto the lines.

Over the next several years, DTE will assist the city by removing hundreds of miles of Public Lighting wires while hardening about 1,300 miles of DTE circuits. Hardening includes:

Trimming trees. Fallen trees and branches are responsible for two-thirds of the time our customers spend without power.

Replacing power poles. We’re inspecting and upgrading thousands of utility poles throughout our electric service territory. Strong, sturdy utility poles are the backbone of a reliable electric system, which is why we have a pole auditing program to assess the structural integrity of all poles in service on a 10-year cycle.

Replacing overhead equipment. We’re replacing all wood cross arms with fiberglass cross arms on overhead power lines and other equipment to make our system more resilient. Overhead power lines are prone to damage caused by strong winds, ice, heat and accidents.

Last year, we exceeded the hardening goal by 25 miles and currently about 11 miles ahead of our 2019 plan. We expect 80% of the arc-wire removal project to be complete by 2028.

For more information visit dteenergy.com/reliability.