Eight Detroit service station owners walked into a meeting with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit Police Chief James Craig to talk about their concerns with code enforcement. They walked out of that meeting with a project.

Those owners became part of a pilot called Project Green Light Detroit. They agreed to install and maintain high-definition indoor and outdoor cameras, and make their video stream available to the Detroit Police Department. All eight agreed to upgrade their lighting and maintain signs showing their participation. DPD agreed to monitor the feeds at their real-time crime center.

Since the project launched Jan. 1, the participating businesses have seen a reduction in violent crime of 50 percent, and the around program has enrolled another 44 businesses throughout the city. Chief Craig notes it is starting to renew a sense of safety in the surrounding communities.

That is the outcome pilot participants were hoping to achieve.

“The whole idea behind (Project) Green Light was to make neighborhoods in Detroit safe. We see all that’s going on in downtown and Midtown but we realize that if the neighborhoods don’t come back, the city can’t come back,” said service station owner Nasser Beydoun.

Making sure Detroiters know there are well-lit, clean and secure places to shop for their daily needs in their neighborhoods is an important part of that comeback. The cost to complete the necessary facility upgrades to participate in Project Green Light Detroit can be steep, which is why the city has worked with businesses like Comcast and DTE Energy to provide solutions.

DTE announced that they will be offering bonus rebates to Detroit companies who are participating in Project Green Light. That means Detroit-based business can qualify for up to a 65 percent bonus over standard DTE energy efficiency rebates and zero percent financing on some energy efficient lighting purchases. By making these upgrades, business are eligible to get a rebate check from DTE of up to $7000, while also saving on their monthly energy bill.

For Trevor Lauer, president of DTE Electric, offering these incentives is another way for the company to show support for Detroit’s neighborhoods.

“DTE has taken great pride in supporting organizations that share our commitment to neighborhoods by promoting safety and implementing programs to revitalize our community – and Project Green Light is just one more great example,” said Lauer. “Our collaboration with the City of Detroit makes this program affordable to businesses, and continues efforts around keeping our neighborhoods safe and contributing to the City’s remarkable comeback.”

Interested Detroit business owners can get more information on how to participate in DTE’s energy efficiency program by calling 866.796.0512 (select option 3).

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