The Marines are coming! Hundreds of current and former Marines will descend on our community to celebrate national Marine Week  from Sept. 6-10 throughout Metro Detroit.

DTE Energy, and our VETS employee resource group, hope to see you there!

As the celebration kicks off, we salute the hundreds of employees who are Marines and other veterans – like Antonio Butler and Will Montgomery.

Butler served as a military police officer in the Marine Corps and reserves for a dozen years. He trained at California’s Camp Pendleton and toured out of the Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Michigan. His job was to protect Marines and property, and to enforce military law.

“The Marines were a valuable part of my life,” Butler said.  He grew up in a tough neighborhood, but in a disciplined household with an ex-military father and a no-nonsense mom who together, kept him on track and career focused.

“Going into the Marines was an awakening to a certain extent. What I got out of there was to push myself beyond limits of what I normally can do. I apply that in everyday life,” he said. “It also taught me how to sit back and listen and observe everything around me.”

After leaving the service, he worked as a Detroit police officer before joining the security team at our Fermi 2 nuclear power plant in Monroe. Butler loved his days at Fermi, where he used his military background to help train the plant’s security team for physical fitness.

He now serves our customers by working as an oil room operator at one of our largest service centers. He continues to support and participate in community Marine Corps activities.

Montgomery, who currently works as a continuous improvement expert for our western gas region, joined the Marines in 2007.

During eight years of active duty, Montgomery served as a battalion administrative chief, keeping track of personnel in battle spaces. He was stationed in North Carolina, Louisiana and Alaska.

Montgomery worked in the automotive industry for a year before joining DTE in 2016. He continues to serve as a Marine reservist.

One weekend a month, and at least one week out of the year, he sacrifices time with his family to serve where he’s needed. This past April, for example, he was deployed to Morocco for the entire month.

“I have great co-workers who support me while I’m away, which makes it easier for me to fulfill my responsibilities as a reservist,” Montgomery said.

His time as a reservist is rewarding but hard, as Montgomery and his fiancé are expecting their first child.

“While being away is difficult during this time, I know that I’m doing my part to ensure the safety of my family and my children,” he said.

Montgomery also does his part for other families, by actively participating in community service activities such as the Marine Corps’ “Toys for Tots” program.

Both Butler and Montgomery are proud of their service. Learn why by visiting Marine Week Detroit demonstrations, traditions, musical performances and more.

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