DTE Energy has launched an exciting new advertising campaign, bringing an even closer focus on what we do in our local communities.

You’ll see beautiful shots of iconic Michigan areas and businesses cut together over a driving rhythm, delivering new facts and tips that you might not have heard from us.

If you’re watching the commercials and thinking some of the actors/actresses look familiar… that’s because over 45 employees volunteered to be in the commercials. Some of which might be your friends, family or neighbors! Who better to show you what we do every day to deliver safe, reliable and affordable power.

We invite you to take a look at our new campaign and “Know Your Own Power.”

“Electric Reliability” shows our commitment to improving electric reliability now and for the future, so you can have peace of mind during moments that matter most in life.

“Gas Safety” provides an inside view of what we are doing every day to provide safe and reliable energy to you.

“Michigan Business” emphasizes how we’re an active partner with local businesses and how we can help manage their energy usage to save on bills.

“Corporate Citizenship” shows our continuous efforts to serve our local communities.

“Insight” shows how you can use the DTE Insight app to better understand your energy usage and save money on your energy bills.

“Energy Efficiency” demonstrates how we can help you reduce your energy usage to save on bills.

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