Michigan’s electric infrastructure is going through the most significant transformation in the state’s history, and many of Michigan’s power plants have either shut down or are scheduled to be shut down prior to 2025. This phenomenon is occurring across Midwest states, due to the age of the coal fleet, existing environmental regulations, and the competitive advantages of low priced natural gas.

NBC News’ Anne Thompson recently visited Michigan to speak with DTE Energy Chairman and CEO Gerry Anderson about DTE Energy’s deliberate move toward natural gas and renewables. Watch their conversation below.

Energy companies are making long-term investment and planning decisions, and are transforming the energy grid to be responsive to new resources, new technology options, and changing customer expectations. Economically, it’s cost prohibitive to maintain an old, antiquated coal facilities when clean, more affordable, efficient energy generation options are available.

DTE Energy is making business decisions that are focused on delivering the best outcomes for our customers today and in the future – producing clean, reliable, sustainable and affordable energy through a mix of generation sources.

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