The scene is all too typical these days. You find a house in the perfect neighborhood, then get so caught up in renovations or making sure your kids get to soccer practice on time that you barely get a chance to meet your neighbors. Everyone seems neighborly, but aside from waving to them as you rush off to work, you barely know them.

If that sounds like you, check out the neighborhood networking site Nextdoor. Before becoming a part of your neighborhood’s conversation on Nextdoor, you must verify that you live in the neighborhood to communicate with your actual neighbors. That means the site is a great place to learn about events in your community, recommend service providers, share information about crime and safety concerns, or browse the classifieds for your neighborhood.

Now, you can also use Nextdoor to stay informed about when DTE Energy will be working in your neighborhood. Local police departments and other municipal government entities have been able to interact with the communities they serve on Nextdoor for a few years. We are one of the first energy providers not affiliated with a local government to be given a presence on the neighborhood social network.

What you can expect from us is simple. This will be another way for us to let you know when we are in your neighborhood doing safety checks on our equipment, hardening our infrastructure, holding a public forum, or when severe weather is in the forecast. DTE will share relevant and timely information with you on Nextdoor by posting into your neighborhood news feed. If you have a question, each neighbor can reply by leaving a comment on our post or by sending us a private message and we will respond.

Which brings us to an important point; we will not be able to see neighborhood on Nextdoor as those remain private to verified members of that community. Every social media service is different, and respecting those differences is one way we can serve you better. On Nextdoor, that means we will respect the fact that you want to be in conversation with your neighbors, not your power company. We will only share information relevant to your neighborhood with you on Nextdoor that directly benefits you and your communities.

We look forward to getting your replies and answering your private messages!

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