DTE Energy customers are speaking out – they want more renewable energy, faster. Customers as diverse as households in Ann Arbor to Thai bistros in Detroit to manufacturing giants are turning to DTE’s MIGreenPower program to access more renewable energy, speed up the development of renewable energy in Michigan and deliver on their own sustainability goals.

Since January, DTE’s MIGreenPower has seen an almost 100% growth rate with nearly 9,000 residential and small business customers enrolled in the program. Customers are taking advantage of the flexible and affordable nature of the program; interested customers choose how much of their home or business’ electricity use they want to attribute to renewable energy. In 2019, these customers have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 12,130 metric tons, the greenhouse gas equivalent of taking 2,575 cars off the road for one year.

In addition to these customers, some of our area’s largest corporations and a prestigious university have also gotten involved. With renewable energy, scale matters, and these customers are turning to MIGreenPower to access universal scale renewable projects to more rapidly meet their enterprise sustainability goals instead of installing private systems. Customers taking advantage of DTE’s MIGreenPower program for large customers include:

  • Ford Motor Company – Ford plans to power its Dearborn Truck Plant, home of the F-150; Michigan Assembly Plant, home of the new Ford Ranger; and several other new buildings on Ford’s Research and Engineering Campus and Corktown campus, including Michigan Central Station, with clean energy. Ford’s commitment is equal to 70,000 homes powered with clean energy.
  • General Motors Co. – GM’s investment in clean energy will be used to power its global technical center in Warren and a substantial portion of its Detroit-based world headquarters at the Renaissance Center, which is equal to more than 43,000 homes powered by clean energy.
  • The University of Michigan – U-M will purchase the equivalent of approximately 200,000 megawatt hours of electricity, the equivalent of nearly 26,000 homes powered by clean energy, to power about half of their Ann Arbor campus’ electricity use.
  • The Detroit Zoo – Through MIGreenPower, the Detroit Zoological Society will receive 100% clean energy to power its operations at the Royal Oak-based Detroit Zoo. This move is equal to powering more than 1,000 homes with clean energy.

As more customers enroll in MIGreenPower, DTE will build additional renewable energy projects on their behalf. DTE is in the process of acquiring three wind parks that will come online in 2020 to source several MIGreenPower contracts, and recently released a Request for Proposal for additional solar and wind projects to supplement MIGreenPower’s growth.

“We know our customers want more renewable energy, and we’re happy to deliver it,” said Brian Calka, director of Renewable Solutions at DTE Energy. “MIGreenPower represents a key part of our business strategy as DTE reduces its carbon emissions by at least 50% in the next 10 years and 80% by 2040.”