If you were driving through the Livonia/Plymouth area Wednesday, you may have done a double take after seeing a utility pole was being held up with no bottom half by a DTE truck. This was the scene right in front of the First United Methodist Church on North Territorial Dr. after a motorist lost control of his vehicle on Tuesday night and struck a utility pole. The base of the pole was destroyed, causing a few dozen customers to temporarily lose power. 

Thankfully, we understand the driver did not sustain serious injuries. Amazingly, while the bottom of the pole was damaged beyond repair, the equipment on top of the pole was mostly intact. While suspending a pole with no base using the hydraulics of a truck is certainly a temporary solution, it did create quite a scene as DTE crews worked to restore power and replace the pole, completing their work by Wednesday afternoon. 

You may see more of our crews in the coming months as part of our accelerated electric reliability projects in your area, including more tree trimming and infrastructure updates. All these projects are underway to improve your service and reliability for the short- and long-term. 

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