Everyone wants to be extraordinary, whether it’s in your work, hobbies, or relationships. How do you plan on leaving a legacy? 

Bill Jasman, retiree after 36 years at DTE Energy, plans on leaving his mark through the things he’s done for others. Bill is a member of the Trenton Rotary Club, the Monroe Area Task Force, and a member of St. Vincent De Paul. He was recently awarded Rotarian of the Year by his fellow Rotary Club members.   

The best work in life is community work,” Bill said. “Whether it’s helping a neighbor or reading to a child, all of it is important.” 

Bill has been a part of the Rotary Club since 2006, when he joined as the community chair for Trenton Township. He’s had an array of roles since, from treasurer to youth exchange officer. Right now, Bill is in the secretary role, and plans to be Rotary Club president in 2022.   

“With my work as secretary, I do a lot of grant work, money work, and reporting,” Bill explained. “After being at DTE for so long, I like to stay busy and continue to sharpen my skills.” Some of the things Bill has done with the Rotary Club have impacted many. He’s directed events like community concerts, all the way to water projects in Indonesia and dental brigades in Nicaragua. His favorite part, however, is the friendships he’s made. “Rotary is about fellowship, and using that fellowship to do community work,” Bill shared. “Without Rotary, small businessmen and corporate workers would never mix and become friends. We are all sharing this experience together—mentoring and developing leadership skills.” 

Bill’s commitment to his community is what made him a natural candidate for the Rotarian of the Year award. He is the club’s second two-time winner, as he was also the club’s first winner. Rotarian of the Year has been around since 2010, and it is awarded to the person who exhibits exceptional community driven service. 

This award is special to Bill for more reasons than one. “The best thing about this all is that I’ve made my parents proud,” he said. “It is the greatest feeling in the world knowing that my dad is proud of the man I am.  If I could say anything to someone, it would be to help others and make an impact in your community.” 

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