This guest post is authored by Blair Cremeens

I think the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is an experience exceedingly beyond the small niche that many people put them in. Throughout my life I have heard some people make this statement, “I don’t like that type of music” and I immediately know that they have not fully experienced the life changing experience that can be heard, seen, and felt in the DSO.

Imagine you had access to finest sound system in the world and it played all kinds of music.  The DSO is like this. Around 80 highly-skilled musicians, each one as unique as a diamond, playing hand-crafted instruments that are equally different and in some cases rare. I have heard the DSO play Techno music at Chene Park, Broadway music at Metropolitan Beach, Rock, Jazz, and yes they even play classical too. They occasionally play music highlighting a vocalist which I really love, and listening to a movie score like “Stars Wars” played by this Orchestra is a once in a lifetime performance you must absolutely experience.

In 2012, the DSO came to Anchor Bay High School and performed a tremendous concert beyond what we expected.  On Sunday, September 25th 2016 at 3:00 p.m. this event happens again due to the DTE Energy Community Week sponsorship.

The Anchor Bay Schools and community region flourish with performing arts talent. Band, Choir, and Drama continue to be critical components of the educational experience and part of our DNA as a community. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra will forever be a part of who we are and their influence is inspiring young artists to carry on the passion for music.

I remember seeing and hearing the DSO at the Ford Auditorium as a very young boy. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to hear their rich sound throughout my life.   No matter what type of music you like, you need to invite this amazing sound and experience into your world. If you have not experienced the DSO for yourself, then just realize there is “More to hear than you know.”

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