On Jan. 14, all of DTE came together to celebrate the four new Service Keys (Safe, Caring, Dependable and Efficient) that will empower us all to provide service excellence to our customers and each other. Teams within each business unit gathered to watch our executive leadership explain the keys, participate in special Service Excellence Day activities and plan how they will work to integrate these keys into our already strong service culture.

The Distribution Operations (DO) team assembled in locations throughout our service territory to collectively recognize the importance of the keys.

At the Mount Clemens Service Center, Heather Rivard, senior vice president of DO, and Sandeev Sarna, director of the Northeast Region, welcomed a panel of service excellence champions to speak and answer questions from DO team members. David Reaves, supervisor in Fossil Generation, Farrah Ahmed, senior strategist in DO, Tom Swayne, line worker, and Catherine Trumble, strategist in HR, spoke about their experiences participating in the Disney culture training and how they see each Service Key being exemplified already at DTE.

“The part that interests me the most is how this will help guide us to treat internal customers – meaning each other – better,” Swayne said. “We rightfully focus so much on our external customers, but what we don’t realize is that better customer service starts with serving each other better.”

In other areas of DO, the entire Central Engineering team met in Dearborn to watch the webcast and participate in active discussions surrounding the keys. It was the first time in several years that the entire team, approximately 250 team members, had all been together.

Systems Operations worked cross-functionally with Customer Service and field employees to hold an event at downtown HQ. SOC teams, CS employees and line workers from Redford and Caniff Service Centers were all able to take part. Those in attendance watched the morning webcast, engaged in leader led discussions and activities and toured the SOC to learn more about its processes.

DO leaders are excited the Service Keys are in place and can’t wait to hear about how our efforts are making a difference internally and for our customers.

“We know that 99.9% of everyone that works at DTE already knows how to be safe, caring, dependable and efficient,” Rivard said. “This new culture piece we’re adding is not about changing people, it’s about changing processes and how we interact with each other so that it allows us to do an even better job for our customers.”