Designer Mary Ann Bury decorates some of the Detroit area’s loveliest homes for the holidays.  And while she’s known for her creative and stylish designs, one element she always incorporates into her work is safety.

“Just as there are simple steps a professional decorator takes to make a home look beautiful, there are simple steps we should all take to keep ourselves and loved ones safe,” she said.

That includes making time to check strands of lights for damage, keeping breakable and small ornaments away from little ones and pets, and even a few things you may have never thought of – like putting your tree lights on a remote control.

“It’s so easy and such a smart thing to do,” said Bury.  “Using a remote means you don’t need to squeeze behind the tree to turn the lights on and off.  That can help you avoid tipping the tree over. For seniors, it may prevent a serious fall.”

Ever wonder how professionals get that holiday tree ribbon looking so perfect?  Bury shares her secret, along with other holiday decorating and safety tips, in a series of videos featured here. She covers tree decorating, holiday safety for children and pets, decorating with vintage aluminum trees and making the best of everyone’s least favorite holiday chore – putting the lights away when the season’s over!

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