2018 is off to a promising start for the state of Michigan – unemployment is down, businesses are thriving again and our communities continue to recover from a long and hard recession.

DTE Energy is proud to support this much-anticipated economic revival by providing customers safe, reliable and affordable power, and investing in the infrastructure to meet the needs of today’s high-tech businesses and modern families.

We’re putting into action a plan to update an electric infrastructure system that includes more than 47,000 miles of power lines, nearly 4,000 circuits and almost 700 substations. From large-scale capital investments to trimming tree branches in your neighborhood, we’re working to build a smarter, stronger energy system for all of our customers.

Energy Grid

The details are technical and complicated, but we’ve broken them down to make them more understandable in our Investing in Michigan’s Future summary.

We’re always looking for efficient ways to work, and this guide explains what we’re doing to improve the quality of power our customers receive, and to positively impact Michigan’s economy and prepare communities for the future with high quality, reliable energy.

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