DTE Energy is set to take the final step in retiring the Conners Creek Power Plant with the demolition of its last remaining structures. The plant was central to the growth of Detroit in the 20th century and was retired in 2008. 

The demolition event is scheduled to take place the morning Friday, Dec. 13.

The planned demolition activities are designed to minimize the impact to the surrounding community. No major road closures will be required, however nearby residents and commuters may hear loud noises and notice temporary dust associated with the demolition event. To ensure public safety, air quality will be monitored, no public viewing area will be available for this demolition activity, and people will not be allowed near the area.

Update as of Dec. 4: The smoke stacks have been removed.

DTE’s number one priority is the safety of its customers, employees and contractors. We have worked extensively to ensure residents have the information and resources they need to prepare for this demolition.

DTE safety precautions:

  • Hazardous materials have been removed from the site prior to demolition
  • Air quality will be monitored throughout the demolition
  • Dust and debris will be controlled with fans and nets

We have worked hard to minimize inconveniences to the public. Here’s what those near the plant can expect:

  • Demolition will last less than one minute; nearby residents may hear brief noises
  • Any temporary dust created by the demolition will dissipate quickly
  • Residents near the project site may feel some light vibration during the demolition
  • No major road closures will be required for this project
  • Electric and gas service should not be interrupted

Here’s how to prepare for the event if you live near the plant:

  • Close all windows in your house and cars to keep dust out
  • Park your car in the garage if possible
  • Remove valuables from shelves and store in a secure location

Residents can remain in their homes and it is suggested to stay away from windows during the demolition

More information to come. Please call the Conners Creek Power Plant demotion hotline at 313.235.8319 with questions.