For many kids, this is the best time of year – temperatures are getting warmer, days are getting longer and it’s getting harder to not daydream of enjoying a beautiful spring day outside with friends. It certainly does not help that there are few vacations, if any, between spring break and the end of this school year. Because of this, it can be a bit difficult to stay focused and motivated until that time comes.

With the proper motivation, your child can be energized to finish their year out strong. Here are a few tips for your little ones and older kids alike:


  • Stick to the routine. Many parents can agree on one thing – the end of the school year does not mean the end of busy days. Recitals, summer sports and performances can keep families busy throughout the year. Because of this, it is important to maintain consistency with your child by making sure they enjoy healthy meals each day and have a normal bedtime to get adequate rest.
  • Give them some play time (after homework, of course). Understandably, your little one will be ready to get out to enjoy a beautiful evening after a long day at school. After they have completed their nightly assignments, allow them to get ourside and have fun before calling it a night.
  • Give them something to look forward to. Did your young scholar get a good grade on that spelling test they studied for all week? Did they jump up a grade in their math class? Take them out for an ice cream date or even plan a weekend outing to one of these fun, kid-friendly destinations.


  • Daily attendance is mandatory. No days off! Studies show that students who miss fewer days of school see higher academic performance and a higher graduation rate. Make sure your teen shows up to school on time, every day.
  • Show that you understand. Coming from a place of understanding shows your teen that you acknowledge what they are experiencing. Refrain from calling them “unmotivated” and support them with encouragement that they can make it through the end of the year successfully.
  • Provide support. If your teen is having some difficulty in their classes, make sure they know it’s never too late to turn things around. Have your teen to sign up for after-school tutoring or, make it a family mission and work with them in the area where they may have some weakness.