Residents, businesses, local and state governments, utilities and others across the United States will celebrate October 5th as National Energy Efficiency Day. Proclaimed a national day of recognition in 2016 as part of a bigger Energy Action Month, the purpose of the event is to showcase the benefits of energy efficiency while raising awareness of the need to do more to tackle energy waste.
DTE Energy, a national leader in energy efficiency programs, offers tips, tools, and rebates to help customers in Michigan manage their energy use. Customers who participated in DTE’s energy efficiency programs in 2017 will cumulatively save nearly $649 million on their energy bills over a lifetime.

“At DTE, we are committed to helping our customers save energy and lower their energy bills,” said John Boladian, director of Energy Waste Reduction, DTE Energy. “We provide more than 20 programs and wide-spread education and awareness efforts to help our residential and business customers on their energy efficiency journey.”

Participating is simple. Click below to find how you can save energy and money:

  • Make the switch to LEDs – Replace 5-10 incandescent bulbs at home or at the office.
  • Update/Maintain your HVAC – Replace outdated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with more efficient models. Install smart thermostats or upgrade to zoned energy controls. Maintain HVAC by cleaning/changing filters and getting regular “tune-ups.”
  • Use a power strip for electronics – Unplug it or turn it off when devices are not in use. At your business, provide power strips or automatic shut-down options.
  • Choose ENERGY STAR® products – Upgrade your least efficient appliance or system with a high-efficiency version. Check out options at
    -or- Name Your Own Energy Saving Choice!

Don’t see a choice above that fits your energy savings goals? Tell us how you’ll cut energy waste for #EEDay2018.

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