It’s Infrastructure Week, and across the country, utilities, businesses and labor organizations are coming together to highlight the state of our nation’s infrastructure – roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, the energy grid, and more.

Together, we’ve united around one message: the future is shaped by choices we make today, so #BuildForTomorrow.

Infrastructure is such an important part of our lives. We all depend on it to get us to work, power our homes and businesses, connect our phones and computers, travel the world and deliver safe water to our taps.

At DTE, we’re already thinking ahead. Strong, safe, infrastructure is the foundation of our work. That’s why we’ve invested in a multi-year plan to strengthen our electric and natural gas systems to bring you safer, more reliable energy and peace of mind.

This year, our gas team will inspect nearly 10,000 miles of pipeline and upgrade nearly 200 miles of our system to ensure we maintain safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to our customers. In addition, we will replace 178 miles of pipeline with better, more durable materials, and move 25,000 natural gas meters outside of homes to allow easier access during inspections, and maintenance.

On the electric side, we’re integrating new, smart technology to achieve greater energy efficiency, reliability and better service. Our plan calls for an investment of $5 billion through 2022 to upgrade and replace equipment throughout our Southeast Michigan service territory. Work we’re doing includes:

  • tree trimming in areas that impact electric reliability
  • replacing and upgrading utility poles
  • adding sensors and other best-in class technology to make the grid smarter
  • upgrading existing substations and building new ones to support economic growth

We’re also committed to bringing you cleaner energy. By 2024, we will have doubled our renewable energy capacity; and by 2040, we’ll have reduced our carbon emissions by at least 80 percent.