Under streets and sidewalks in Michigan, a complex infrastructure of natural gas pipes quietly delivers safe, clean, affordable energy to homes and businesses 24/7.  In 2011, DTE Energy kicked off an ambitious program to upgrade these pipes by replacing half-century old cast iron/bare steel pipes and steel/copper service lines, with new and more durable plastic pipes across the state.  These new, modern materials are longer lasting, and reduce the risk of gas leaks.

As part of the GRP, our teams are also moving gas meters outside, eliminating the need to enter homes and businesses for maintenance. This easier access allows us to complete more frequent, comprehensive safety inspections and maintenance work on meters without interruptions to occupants’ daily schedules.

Last year, DTE replaced and upgraded 178 miles of gas mains and moved 14,000 gas meters to the outside of customers’ residential and commercial properties across Southeast Michigan and Grand Rapids. In 2020, DTE teams will upgrade more than 200 miles of gas mains and relocate 14,000 meters to the outside of buildings.

Maintaining and enhancing our natural gas system is vital for our customers to run their homes and power their businesses. In addition to the continuous improvement of our natural gas network, DTE Energy is a national leader in working efficiently to control costs. It’s one of the many ways we are helping to build the advanced, cost-effective energy infrastructure to fuel Michigan’s economy.

We’re working hard to continue this momentum to make sure our customers continue to have safe and dependable natural gas that enhances their daily lives.

To learn more about the Gas Renewal Program and to see when we’ll be in your neighborhoods, visit Dteenergy.com/grp.