Some of DTE Gas’ most experienced technicians are spending October and November on a brand-new experience: providing mutual aid to another utility out of state.

A crew of 20 technicians and two supervisors left Oct. 14 from the Allen Road service center headed to Boston to help restore gas service to customers of Columbia Gas, who have been without service since an overpressure incident caused several explosions in September.

The volunteer crew represent the first DTE Gas employees to be sent to another state to provide assistance to another utility, an opportunity that several of the employees were excited about.

“We’ve never done it before, and that makes it exciting,” said Wayne Rucker, general service technician. “It’s an opportunity to go help people who need help.”

The technicians will be in Massachusetts until at least Nov. 19, restoring service to individual homes and replacing piping as necessary. “We’re going out there to get these people back into their homes,” said Clif McGee, a supervisor at the Michigan Avenue service center.

“It’s exciting to be able to represent DTE in another state,” said Chris Dube, general service technician. “To be able to do something like this on the gas side is special.”

The crew’s fleet of service vans was accompanied by a fleet services truck and a mobile command post to provide support while away from DTE facilities.

Our employees are part of the more than 600 technicians headed to Massachusetts as part of the restoration efforts to get residential customers back in their homes before winter.

While working, DTE’s crews are being housed aboard a cruise ship docked in South Boston specifically brought in to provide hotel rooms for the out-of-state crews assisting Columbia Gas.

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