Volunteerism is embedded deep in DTE’s company culture. We dedicate more and more of our time each year bettering local communities and supporting important causes. And our employee feedback is that they get just as much personal growth and engagement out of volunteering as the contributions they make.

According to a Harvard Medical School study, volunteering provides many physical and mental health benefits. While the focus is on helping others, volunteer work can reduce stress, provide a sense of purpose, advance your career and foster connectivity with your coworkers.

Emphasizing a holistic approach to well-being, DTE’s goal is to provide employees these types of opportunities to improve not only physical health, but emotional wellness and social connectivity.

“Volunteering can provide a wealth of diverse experiences and ultimately enrich our personal well-being,” said Kelsey Stein, Operations Lead, Wellness and Health Promotion at DTE.

Understanding these comprehensive benefits, our Human Resources department has implemented a quarterly volunteer day for all HR employees to come together and volunteer.

“When we sat down and discussed how we could improve our business unit in 2019, volunteering was an idea that really resonated with our team members,” said Chris HooSang, director of corporate Human Resources at DTE. “It was important for us to get our entire department involved, to connect outside the traditional workspace, and improve our internal relationships and collaboration as a team.”

HR team members select from a variety of opportunities, allowing them to focus on work that best aligns with their skills and interests and make their desired impact.

Recent HR volunteer activities have consisted of beautifying the Bagley Pocket Park Community Garden, spending time with veterans at the Detroit Veterans Hospital and assisting at Gleaners Community Food Bank. 

The goal is that the team becomes closer, while being an example to show other business units the power of volunteering and to add to DTE’s companywide commitment.

“Volunteering and helping out local communities is a truly rewarding feeling, but the ability to connect with your coworkers and people across all different areas of DTE also provides an important emotional boost and the opportunity for teams to connect outside daily work.” Stein said.