They are the three words many parents and caregivers look forward to hearing at the end of summer approaches – back-to-school. It can be a bit difficult getting the kids back in the mindset of school bells, books, tests, and homework. However, while they may not be as excited to bring summer fun to an end, there are steps families can take to usher in a new school year with ease:     

  • Get back on schedule. A good night’s sleep is essential to a productive school day. A week before school begins, have them go to bed and wake up 10 minutes earlier than they have been during the summer to get them re-accustomed to their new normal.
  • Take care of the essentials. Whether you have little ones who need to get caught up on vaccinations or a young athlete who needs their annual physical for school sports, schedule all necessary doctor visits before the year starts. Before you schedule these appointments, make sure to have all medical forms and paperwork on hand to make this process simple
  • Establish healthy habits. Studies show that healthy eating habits contribute to stronger learning and academic achievement. If you were a little relaxed with enforcing healthy eating habits over the summer, get in the practice of preparing meals as part of a well-balanced diet.
  • Connect with your child. Find out what your child or teen is looking forward to, what they want to accomplish or may be nervous about in the new school year. Starting off on a positive note is key for helping to alleviate any apprehension they may be experiencing while getting them excited and motivated to achieve the success they want to see.
  • Don’t stop the fun. While establishing routines for a simple back-to-school transition, it’s also important to make sure your children are still enjoying the vacation. Keep them physically active and enjoying time with their friends.


 Photo Credit: 周 康