The electric system serving Ann Arbor was built over a span of nearly 100 years, adding substations and circuits as development created increasing demand for power. This resulted in a web of power lines tying one substation to another. This configuration means that a problem with a power line or piece of equipment in one area can result in a disruption for customers more than 10 miles away.

Ann Arbor continues to be an attractive location for new-economy, high-tech businesses to locate or expand operations. These businesses provide vital support for the community’s economy, job market and civic culture. To help Ann Arbor maintain its competitive advantage in attracting these kinds of employers, DTE must make improvements to the energy grid to ensure more reliable, high-quality electric service.

To resolve these problems and improve reliability for customers throughout the Ann Arbor area, DTE is planning to build two new substations – one at the corner of Hubbard and Huron Parkway and one on the existing site of the State substation on State St. north of Eisenhower Parkway.  In conjunction with the two new substations, DTE will build and install a new underground conduit system along State Street, Granger and Forest avenues.

DTE is also planning upgrades to existing overhead power lines and equipment that will reduce the frequency of outages and minimize the number of customers impacted and the duration when outages do occur.

In addition to ongoing communications with multiple city departments, businesses and organizations, representatives from DTE held three public open houses in Ann Arbor to provide information about the projects and how they will benefit the community.

Periodic updates can also be found below.

Update as of Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019:

    • Conduit work and restoration is completed for the season
    • Temporary hard surfaces are on:
      • Church Street between S. University and Geddes Avenue
      • A small section of Geddes Avenue, east of Church Street
    • Permanent restoration for these areas will be completed in the spring of 2020, including median work on Geddes Avenue and Washtenaw Avenue

Residents and businesses impacted by construction will be notified 10 days before work is scheduled to begin. As a reminder, door hangers will be placed on the doors of homes and businesses 3 days before construction.