Dear Puerto Rico,

Thank you for being our hosts for the past 2 ½ months. We came to your beautiful island to restore your power and help you get your lives back but we are leaving with so much more. Your hospitality, your kindness, your resiliency, your smiles and your delicious food – oh the food! – helped propel us through long, hot days as we toiled to get the lights back on. Your gratitude is humbling.

It is time for us to return to our own families and the colleagues who’ve been working overtime for the people of Michigan while we’ve been in Puerto Rico. But this is not goodbye. We hope to return one day soon with our families to play on your beaches, hike in your rain forest, explore your historic cities and enjoy more of your glorious food.

As energy company workers, it is our obligation to restore power for our neighbors – whether they live next door or thousands of miles away. At DTE Energy, we are committed to being a force for good in our world and never has that been more evident than in the time we’ve spent with you.

Gracias for allowing us into your lives.


The men and women of DTE Energy