One thing many Michiganders can attest to is the feeling that there is, seemingly, no end to winter. However, they eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel with winter’s transition to spring and begin the process of ushering in a new season with home maintenance. Whether it’s giving their house a deep, thorough clean or preparing their garden for planting, spring is one of the best times of year to get busy with the chores that may have been put off throughout winter.

If you’re ready to round the corner and bring in one of Michigan’s most beautiful seasons on a high note, follow these tips:

  • Check your smoke alarms. Safety first! Test each of your home’s smoke alarms and CO2 detectors to make sure they work and replace batteries, as needed.
  • Fine tune your home’s HVAC system. It’s important to check your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems at the beginning of spring to make sure they work properly. If necessary, replace air filters to ensure there is no dust or debris stopping the system from functioning normally, which can impact energy efficiency and, potentially, your family’s health. Not totally sure on how to do this on your own? Contact a professional.
  • Avoid water damage. Inspect your home’s gutters, replacing leaky or loose parts. Clean them of all debris and make sure they drain properly, away from the home’s foundation to avoid damage or flooding.
  • Inspect your roof. Either on your own, or using professional services, have your roof inspected for ice or water damage. Look for curling or loose shingles and hammer down nails that may have popped out during the winter.