Ovens are good for many things – fresh baked cookies, holiday meals, grandma’s famous casserole. One thing they are NOT good for is heating your home.

Here are three reasons you should NEVER use a natural gas oven to heat your home.

  1. Carbon monoxide

Because carbon monoxide is a byproduct of combustion, it is formed as a gas oven heats up. Opening the oven door and keeping the stove on can increase the amount of carbon monoxide in the house to unhealthy levels.

Carbon monoxide (CO), also know as the silent killer, is colorless, odorless and tasteless. The only way to detect it is with a CO alarm.

  1. No venting

Ovens weren’t designed to heat homes. Since ovens are used in short time frames, they don’t vent out air or fumes like boilers and furnaces.

  1. Inefficiency

Ovens don’t circulate heat. Therefore, they won’t heat an entire house or apartment. Standing right near the oven may make you feel warm and toasty, but that heat won’t circulate throughout the home.

Remember, ovens are meant to cook food, not warm you up. Learn more about carbon monoxide safety.