Trimming back the electrical hazards of outdoor chores

In Southeast Michigan, warm weather and yard work go together…
Power line on and near parked cars

What to do if a power line falls on your vehicle

Imagine that suddenly the car you’re riding in swerves to miss…
Keep it clear around electric equipment

Working outside this weekend? Keep it clear for safety

With the sun out and the snow gone, many of us are turning our…
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May is National Electrical Safety Month

Electricity is essential to daily life. We use it all the time,…
working on underground lines

Why not bury the power lines?

That’s the question many people are asking after the historic…
Restoration Strategies

How DTE Energy restores power after a storm

The historic windstorm that blew through the DTE Energy service…
three ways to report a power outage

How to report an outage in no time

Whether if it’s because of a raging thunderstorm, twisted and…
electric smart meter

Electric smart meters give you more control over your energy use

At DTE Energy we believe our job is more than just to bring you…
Trevor Lauer
President & COO - DTE Electric