The numbers tell the energy efficiency story

Why should you focus on energy efficiency?

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The benefits of energy efficiency are numerous.

Energy efficiency can help you reduce your energy bill. Energy efficiency is the cleanest, fastest and most cost-effective choice to meet Michigan’s energy needs and cut air pollution. Energy efficiency rebates, incentives and programs allow you to save even more.

DTE Energy customers participating in the company’s energy efficiency offerings saved nearly $600 million in 2015 through free home and business consultations, lighting discounts at local retailers and rebates on high-efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment as well as ENERGY STAR® appliances.  Many other initiatives, including the free DTE Insight app – which allows customers to monitor real-time energy use from their smartphones – also contributed to the savings.

“DTE energy efficiency programs save our customers money, reduce energy waste and improve the environment – all while creating jobs and supporting local businesses throughout Michigan,” said John Boladian, director of energy optimization at DTE Energy.   “The savings start from the moment customers install a high-efficiency light bulb or energy efficient water heater, and lasts over the lifetime of their energy-saving upgrades.  Customers benefit immediately from discounts or rebates, and from long-term savings on their energy bills.”

Customers participating in these programs have saved enough electricity to power about 460,000 homes and enough natural gas to heat more than 200,000 homes. The programs also have reduced greenhouse gas emissions, estimated to be the equivalent to more than 546,000 cars driven in one year.

Have you jumped on the energy efficiency band wagon yet? Join us and save energy and save money. Residential customers can learn more at and businesses can learn more at

These program save money, reduce waste and improve the environment.

These program save money, reduce waste and improve the environment.