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Comerica takes on Michigan’s ‘Battle of the Buildings’

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This guest post is from Rebecca Holman, communications for the US Green Building Council West Michigan Chapter.

Comerica Incorporated joined the Michigan Battle of the Buildings energy reduction competition, supported by its partners at CBRE Group, LLC. CBRE is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm. CBRE has been voted the industry’s top brand by the Lipsey Company for 16 consecutive years, and named one of Fortune’s “Most Admired Companies” in the real estate sector for five years in a row.

Comerica and CBRE partner to reduce the environmental impact of Comerica’s facilities and operations. The team works closely toward a common goal of reducing emissions, water, waste and paper consumption.

To meet these sustainability targets, in 2015, Comerica registered 5 properties in the Michigan Battle of the Buildings. The Michigan Battle of the Buildings is an awards and recognition program for energy use reduction open to all Michigan area commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings.

Hard work paid off when the Stadium Pauline property took first place honors in the Office category. The substantial energy reduction of 21.27% translated into a total annual savings of $12,093 with gas and electric combined.

Comerica joined the Michigan Battle of the Buildings competition again with 11 properties in 2016 and hopes to find themselves among the top finishers. The winners will be announced at the 2017 Michigan Battle of the Buildings Energy Summit on April 19th at the JW Marriott in Grand Rapids. Stay tuned to see if Comerica takes home another title!

“Energy savings is always a combination of factors,” explains Scott Beckerman, Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Sustainability at Comerica Incorporated. “While we made some updates to the interior of the building in the latter part of 2015, our biggest savings resulted from the installation and use of a Building Management System (BMS) to better control our heating and cooling needs. We also provide routine updates and suggestions to our colleagues on simple steps they can take to help reduce energy consumption.”

Receiving an award for ‘Biggest Loser’ in the Michigan Battle of the Buildings allowed the staff at Comerica and CBRE to be recognized for their teamwork and stewardship.

“The recognition provides great validation for our teams that have been working to reduce our energy consumption across Michigan and the rest of the country,” affirms Beckerman. “From our engineers and facility managers, to the colleagues in our buildings, Comerica and CBRE are taking steps to reduce our energy consumption and impact on our planet.”

Comerica has set goals to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water consumption, and waste sent to landfills. The company is currently on its second generation GHG reduction goal, having hit the first goal of a 15% reduction ahead of schedule. Comerica’s current goal is now a reduction of 20% by 2020, compared against 2012 as a baseline year. The teams are well on their way to meeting, and hopefully exceeding that goal.

“Our focus on sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint is one of the ways we are working to protect and preserve the environment and enhance the human and social capital of the communities in which we do business,” says Beckerman. “By doing this, we serve the best interests of people and our planet, while improving our business performance – a real triple bottom line benefit!”

Comerica Incorporated (NYSE: CMA) is a financial services company strategically aligned by three business segments: The Business Bank, The Retail Bank and Wealth Management. Comerica Bank locations can be found in Michigan, Texas, California, Arizona and Florida, with select businesses operating in several other states, as well as in Canada and Mexico. Comerica is among the 25 largest U.S. financial holding companies and reported total assets of $73 billion at December 31, 2016.