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The history of the Grand Rapids Griffins

In Michigan, hockey is one of our most popular sports. Like most sports, kids get started at a very young age and develop dreams of following in the footsteps of their hometown sports heroes. For some this dream stays just that, but for others, they make the move toward playing professionally. One specific team here […]

The big health benefits behind indoor houseplants

As you transform your home from season to season, there are a lot of moving parts to keep in mind. Where should you clean? Where do you need extra insulation and weather stripping? As you build out your to-do list, it’ll most likely come around to house décor. No matter the time of year, finding […]

Green Infrastructure and the Navitas House Bioswale

This summer was a busy one at DTE Energy’s downtown headquarters complex with the completion and opening of Beacon Park. There was also another project flying under the radar: the redesign and installation of the bioswale behind DTE’s Navitas House on Bagley Street. A bioswale is a landscape element, similar to a rain garden, that […]

Spotlight on Detroit: Positivity in the news

With all that is going on around Detroit, it would be a missed opportunity to not highlight all the great things that have come out recently about the city. From new developments, announcements, and celebrity praises, we are proud to see Detroit thriving and want to share the news in case you missed it. Gaining […]

Carbon monoxide season: how to protect your family

As the weather begins to cool, families across Michigan will soon begin turning on furnaces and lighting fires in the fireplace to stay cozy and warm. With the necessary comfort of heat an unwelcome and uninvited guest can also enter the home: an odorless, colorless and often deadly gas that comes from these appliances and […]