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Avoid Stressing About Being Stressed

It may come as no surprise to you that anxiety, depression, and mood disorders are part of the top five national health conditions impacting the United States. We seem to always pile things on to our to-dos lists or work ourselves silly without taking the time for our health. The rainy season blues only seem […]

How to prep your body, mind and home for weather changes

As blistering cold winds finally give way to spring showers and sunshine, some deal with the weather changes better than others. Although we have blamed the forecast for achy joints and the flu for generations, there was little evidence for how weather specifically affects our well-being—until now. From your physical health to your everyday mood, […]

Why Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is so special

Here’s some interesting history: Did you know that in 1836, the state of Michigan was awarded the Upper Peninsula in exchange for conceding the Toledo Strip to Ohio? With no offense to Toledo, we think Michigan got the better end of that deal. Here’s why: Nature From a numbers standpoint, the Upper Peninsula is bigger […]

The bounty of Michigan’s native plants

When it comes to native plants in Michigan, we have tons, especially wildflowers. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has more than 50 different species of wildflowers recorded, each species more beautiful and interesting than the one before it. In general, native plants are extremely important to a region. They are equipped to survive and […]